Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Four Unhealthy Habits

According to a study published in the April 26 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine by Elizabeth Kvaavik titled "Influence of Individual and Combined Health Behaviors on Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in Men and Women", a combination of four unhealthy habits greatly increases your risk of premature death.

The bad habits that lead to premature death are

  • Smoking
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables less than three times daily
  • Less than two hours a week of physical activity
  • and weekly consumption of more than 4 ounces for women and 6 ounces for men of alcohol.

Those with all four bad habits were about three times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease or cancer, and four times more likely to die from other causes. These bad habits also age you by about 12 years.


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