Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walking Shoes Vs Running Shoes


  1. How To Buy Walking Shoes
  2. How To Buy Running Shoes
  3. Choosing The Correct Athletic Shoes
  4. Walking Jogging Running

The basic differences between a walking shoe and a running shoe are:

  • Walking shoes have a flat heel, while a running shoe has a more elevated heel
  • The heel on a running shoe is more cushioned
  • Walking shoes are designed for an impact of about 1.5 times your body weight, while a running shoe is designed for 3 times your body weight
  • Walking shoes are more flexible and designed for easy roll from heel to toe


  • Your shoes should bend at the ball of the foot and not in the middle of the arch
  • If you have a flat foot, you should look for a straight shoe with a support post in the middle of the inside part of the shoe. This will prevent your foot from turning inward.
  • A high arch foot is rigid and has little shock absorption capability. This puts more pressure on the ball and heel of the foot, as well as on the knees, hips and back. You should look for a semi-curved or curved shoe. You should not need a medial support on your shoe.
  • You should shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet are the largest. Our feet swell throughout the day.
  • Wear the same socks that you wear while exercising.
  • You should make sure that you leave enough space past your largest toe.
  • You should wear both shoes before you purcahse them to make sure they are comfortable
  • You should bend and twist the shoes to make sure that they are designed properly.


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